Our Vision

Not all washing detergents have to be made with chemicals.

Since our product grows in the wild and cannot ever be fully tamed,
so we will cherish and rejoice in our untamed wildness. 
While ‘proper’ brands prefer to hide their shortcomings we will make ours the guardian spirits,
which keep us real. We will replace the things we borrow from our planet.
Since our journey began when we unlearned that all washing detergents had to be made with chemicals,
we will strive continually to unlearn – every day.
We believe true progress is sometimes recognising that nature has been doing something perfectly,
since beginingless time.
We will never pretend that our products are ‘finished’.  Continual curiosity is part of healthy evolution.
We have let go of the instinct to compete.  Our instinct is to improve.
We enjoy the wisdom of raining down kindness, equally on all.
We know where bubbles grow.

Audrey gets passionate