The story of the soapberry

is a story about time.

For thousands of years…
people from the beautiful hidden foothills of the Himalayas
have been collecting and using these remarkable little fruits to use as soap.
Soapberries grow on trees much like olives do in Europe.
As a wild fruit they are typically collected or harvested by local farmers
and families when the soapberry ripens.
The trees are called Sapindus Mukorossi.

Imagine this:

You find fallen fruit berries (each about the size of a lychee) and you pick some up.
There is a crystal clear stream babbling through the lush green valley with the majesty of
Himalayan Mountains, snow-capped above you.  You hold the berries in the trickling water
and rub them in your hands and a delightful, gentle, natural foamy soapiness starts
to create a delicate lather through your fingers.
This is the beauty of soapberries.
Mother Nature’s gift.

Audrey describes soapberries:

A soapberry story

Aritha manufactures exclusively all its products close to the areas which cultivate and harvest the raw ingredients. This reduces the impact of our carbon foot print as much as possible.
Our aim is to connect the local Asian farmers who supply us with Eco minded consumers who value our efforts to protect the environment and our most precious resource “clean water”.