Who we are

We know where bubbles grow.

Audrey explains how Aritha was started

We are like you


We believe in seeking out environmentally safe products but we want them to be honest and to work well.
We care about our planet and its people and try to put that sentiment into real action rather than saying it and getting the badge.
We don’t wear badges and we are not really a brand.

Why we are not really a proper brand
(Thank goodness)

Still not convinced that we are not a brand?
Here is some extra persuasion:

1. Convenience
2. familiarity
3. Competitive
4. Price

1. Convenience

We are not convenient. You cannot find us on the High Street; you cannot find us on Amazon. You have actively to seek us out by visiting our website: aritha.co.uk. We are talking about 3 extra clicks at most, but these days that is inconvenient and we know it…however, we want it that way because:

A. It isn’t convenient to grow trees for ten years and then manually shake those trees, in the wild, with local people who earn proper local wages, to get the soapberry nuts naturally to produce a wholesome, chemical-free washing detergent. Not convenient but consciously so.

B. It isn’t convenient to build a factory with sustainable, environmentally sound values in order to turn soapberries into liquid form so that people can wash clothes in soapy bubbles produced by a natural soapy berry. Cleans the clothes as well as any chemical-based high street brand but convenient? No, happily not!

C. It isn’t convenient to continually have to plant new soapberry trees in order to sustain our product. Aritha, plants soapberry trees at a rate which means that you can rest easy about our world. We are using what nature provides but we are paying back into nature constantly because fair’s fair. Planting trees at the foot of the Himalayas is not convenient – wonderfully, expensively inconvenient.

Try our products here…and hello planet.

2. familiarity

We are not familiar. Remember the last time you bought washing detergent with no chemicals in it with subtle scents of orange blossom? No, exactly. We are not familiar. When we discovered the ancient soapberry tree and learned that peoples from several continents had spent countless generations using its natural soapy berries to wash themselves and their clothes we didn’t just nod and think ‘yeah, I knew that’. We stopped, made that frown face we all make when we are intrigued, and then started asking questions.

Brands are supposed to be familiar but we are not because:

A. It is not familiar for washing detergents to be made entirely from natural products, even including current, familiar ‘eco’ brands that exist.

B. How many times have you heard the name Aritha before? (it is the Hindi word for soapberries) If we had a multi-million pound marketing budget our name and products might be more familiar to you but the truth is, we don’t. We have a multi-shoestring budget instead which sort of suits us to be honest.

C. Familiarity feels less awake.

Kind to you and yours…and where do bubbles grow?

3. Competitive

We are not competitive. We like people too much to start all the business shenanigans. All we want is to share our own experience of unlearning. We unlearned ‘all washing stuff is the same’. We unlearned ‘skin can’t be affected by the chemicals in detergents’. We unlearned ‘I’m only one person, I can’t make a difference’.

We are not competitive because we prefer to unlearn things and also:

A. Quietly exploring whether there might be a different, more environmentally kind way to wash your clothes would be the weirdest competition in the world.

B. Proper brands could wipe the floor with us (poor floor though!)

C. Er… we don’t really have any ‘competitors’ because our soapberry detergents are the only liquid soapberry products out there so we can stay friends with everyone and just wander around being sickly nice!

If you believe us and don’t think we are full of hot air take a look at our shop ..unlearning every day.

4. Price

We are price pirates.  Simple as that.  Every laundry wash you do will cost in the region of 7 pence more than familiar brands.  If you average 3 wash loads per week that’s a staggering, outrageous, huge 21 pence investment per week.

Ready to pay the price for peace of mind?  ….and hello planet.

Audrey confesses to being a total price pirate